Our Menu

Ingwende Film and TV Caterers offer a number of delegate packages designed to accommodate all conference requirements and budgets. Because every event is different, we can tailor packages to suit your individual requirements whether it is for a product launch for 20, a training course for 50 or a sales conference for 1800.

Ingwende Film and TV Caterers are extremely experienced in all aspects of conference catering, and will always offer a very personal, stress free build up and execution of your event.

Craft bar

Espresso,red cappuccino&filter coffee
Fresh fruit smoothies ,instant coffee ricoffee , nescafe & decaf,hot chocolate,milo,passion fruit
cordial,ernegade,oros & ice tea
Full cream,fat free,soya milk,brown & white canderel sugar,honey ginger & lemon board,an
assortment of teas
Popcorn,dried nuts & fruit,assortment of sweets=rusks assortment of biscuits
Mineral water still & sparkling
Morning toasties & afternoon snacks

Sitting breakfast

Free range scrambled and fried eggs-bacon -vegetable sauces,grilled mushrooms/baked
beans/chicken livers-flap jacks,fruit juice,fruit salad,yoghurt,muesli,veetbix -cornflakes,grated
cheddar cheese,rye toasties,croissants & muffins

Crew lunch and Dinner

Slow basied lamb goulash with Spanish black beans
Grilled peri peri chicken 1/4
Battered hake with tartare sauce
Beef minced boubotie with roasted apricots
Lentil vegetable currywith home made rooties
yellow raisin rice
Apple, pear,baby spinach & marple pumpkin salad
Morocan roasted vegetable cous cous salad
Pananzela tuscan tomato & crotan salad
Roasted onion coconut rice
Grilled gan fed beef sirloin with basil pesto cram & mushroom sauce
indonasian egg noodles & wok fried asian vegetables with smoked tofu
streamed vegetable with Olive oil
lemon meringue & ice cream
chocolate fudge cake & ice cream